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Die precision casting

Lost wax casting is now called die precision casting. It is a casting process with less cutting or no cutting. It is an excellent technology in casting industry and its application is very wide. It is not only applicable to the various types, various kinds of alloy casting, and produce the casting dimension accuracy and surface quality is higher than other casting method, even other casting method is difficult to cast the complex, high temperature resistant, not easy machining castings, all can use revestment precision casting wrought.
The die precision casting is based on the ancient wax mould casting. As ancient civilizations, China is the use of this technology is one of the early, long centuries BC, the ancient Chinese working people created this kind of lost wax casting technology, used for casting tripod with a variety of fine decorative pattern and text and household utensils and other products, such as the tomb when the spring and autumn period and the statue of plate, etc. Tomb statue of plate base for multiple mutually intertwined dragons, they end to end, staggered up and down, form the middle hollow out layers of moire pattern, these designs using ordinary casting process are hard to make out, and with the method of lost wax casting process, can make use of the characteristics of paraffin wax no strength, easy to carve, carved with ordinary tools can and want to get the tomb of paraffin wax material arts and crafts of the plates, then additional gating system, coating, dewaxing, pouring, beautiful tomb statue of plate can be calculated out

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